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MY DOCTOR URGENT CARE IS YOUR FIRST STOP FOR medical care fast! BOARD CERTIFIED IN EMERGENCY MEDICINE, we are specialists at diagnosing and treating your condition. we also provide our patients with:

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frequently asked questions | URGENT CARE, TULSA, OK

Q: Are urgent care centers open on holidays?
A: MyDoctor Urgent Care is open 7 days a week with extended evening hours. Please see our contact page for a complete listing of our hours and holiday schedule.

Q: Can I walk in?
A: Yes, we are a walk-in clinic. No appointment is necessary.

Q: Do I need an appointment for urgent care?
A: No. You never need an appointment to be seen at MyDoctor Urgent Care. Patients are seen on a walk-in basis.

Q: Do I need my Insurance ID card to be seen in urgent care?
A: For us to be able to verify your insurance coverage we will need to see and copy your insurance card. Without it we cannot bill your insurance. We can still see you, but you would have to utilize our pay today option.

Q: Do you do medication refills in urgent care?
A: In urgent care request for refills must be accompanied by an office visit and will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Q: Do you provide x-rays at your facility?
A: Yes. We have a state-of-the-art radiology department on site at our facility.

Q: Do you take insurance and what forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept most major insurance plans. We also accept cash, checks and credit cards.

Q: How do I know if I need Urgent Care or the ER?
A: If you feel that your condition is life-threatening you need to be seen in a hospital Emergency Room and should call 911. The ER treats life threatening medical conditions, such as chest pains, severe wounds or amputations. Victims of roll-over automobile accidents should usually be seen in the emergency department. Urgent Care Centers treat conditions that need immediate attention but are not life or limb threatening.

Q: How long is the wait to see a doctor in urgent care?
A: Patients are seen on a walk-in basis and are in and the door within an hour. You can shorten your wait time by downloading and filling out the Patient Forms before your visit.

Q: How much does it cost if I don't have insurance?
A: Fees vary based on the treatment, but we offer a discount plan to our cash paying clients.

Q: Is Urgent Care more affordable than the Hospital ER?
A: Yes. We are 1/3 the cost of the ER! The co-pay for urgent care is 3 or 4 times lower than an ER co-pay.

Q: What is my co-pay?
A: If your insurance card specifies an co-pay, we will collect that amount at the time of your visit. If it does not, we will collect $50.00. If you have a deductible, you may owe more, and we will bill you for the balance.

Q: What is the cost of a typical visit in urgent care?
A: The average cost of an urgent care visit is $325.00. Compare this to the cost of a typical emergency department visit of $1200.00. A typical primary care visit, and minor ailment visits at an Urgent Care, is $150.00. Urgent care generally costs more than a primary care visit but is much less than a visit to the emergency room.